Upcoming New iPhone Price Leaked!!!

Upcoming New iPhone Price Leaked!!!

The new three iPhones will be coming September 12. Now the prices of phones are known.

According to one leaked information, there is a possibility of a budget phone in three iPhones.

According to the report spreading online, the price of the iPhone XS Max can be the same as the previous version of the special edition of the iPhone X. The lowest price of iPhone in 2018 is maybe worth $929.

The leaked information says that the price of iPhone Xs and Xs Max can be $ 1056 and $ 1336 respectively.

But it is true that the price of these iPhones coming together is in line with the iPhone in the year 2017.

The price of the most expensive iPhone this year is already equal to the iPhone 8 in the market. The most expensive iPhone, which is going to be priced at the same as the iPhone X.

But if the three models were asked to take 64 and 256GB versions, then the price would have to be added to $ 197 more.

The display of the new iPhone can be 5, 8, 6 and 1 and 5 inches respectively. In this, the first two will be OLED displays. And the six and a half inch version will be the LCD display.

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