Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Coming Soon In Bangladesh With Installments Facility

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Coming Soon In Bangladesh With Installments Facility

Samsung’s latest flagship phone comes in the market of the Galaxy S 9 Plus country. The phone will open its official launch and pre-order from March 8.

Samsung is offering a Fast Charging Wireless Charger with the phone for pcbooking. In addition to this, the partner of the phone will offer 9 GB of data to the subscribers before publishing GP, then the subscribers will get more bonus data.


The Galaxy S9 Plus phone has been created with the dominance of the cameras. The camera has two cameras behind it, the original camera’s aperture needs to be changed manually. As a result, large aperture in light and extra light will keep the image quality using small apertures. S9 Plus. The bombsheet and panorama are added to the sample camera, as well as portrait and wide angle selfe can be taken together.Air emoji, The user can send the caricature and expression of their appearance directly through it.

The Galaxy S9 Plus has a Xins 9810 octao processor, 6GB RAM, 64 GB storage and Android 8 OS operating system.

The display of the smartphone is 6.2 inches, made by the Super Amoded panel in the WQHD Plus resolutions. The Gigabit speed will support the 4G network.

The headphone jack is not dropped on the mobile phone. The video and movie were added to watch the HDR supported screen as well as the Dual Dolby Atoms Speaker.

The battery has been given 3,500 mAh, which will be charged 80 minutes, and can be backed up to two days.

The phone is coming in the market with Midnight Black, Coral Blue and Lilac Purple Paint. The price of the phone has been fixed at Tk 1.15 billion. Booking money for pre-order has been fixed at Tk 5,900. The phone can also be bought in installments through the credit card of different banks

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